Consumer testing to enable evidence-based business decision-making

John Castura/ June 30, 2019/ Workshop/ 0 comments

By some estimates more than 90% for new food and beverage products fail. In spite of the enormous costs associated with product failures, businesses continue to invest in new product development because the relatively few products that succeed provide business growth and profits. Consumer purchase and repurchase are essential to the success of new products. Consumers are decision makers: by voting with their wallets they determine which products succeed. Consumer input is essential for guiding product development. Consumer feedback can help to identify failure earlier, before more money is invested.
Consumer testing that is grounded in sensory science provides structured data for evidence-based business decision-making. This workshop gives an overview of how a successful consumer testing program can provide critical feedback to the business and to product developers at key stages throughout the product lifecycle. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Objectives & fundamentals
  • Confirmation of sensory acceptability in scale up
  • “Meet-or-beat” testing against benchmarks
  • Guidance for product renovations of in-market products
  • Data analysis and actionable decision making

Attendees with Internet access (e.g. smartphone) will have an opportunity for completing a hands-on consumer test.

Audience:     General

Duration:      2 hours

Colonna, A.E. & Castura, J.C. (2019). Consumer testing workshop. Korean Society of Food Science and Technology International Symposium and Annual Meeting. 24-26 June. Incheon, Korea. (Workshop).

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