Screening respondents to increase data quality in consumer tests

John Castura/ October 31, 2023/ Peer-reviewed Paper/ 0 comments

Product tests are often conducted to understand consumer opinions and perceptions. A screener is often used to determine which respondents are consumers. Our goal was to determine how filtering consumers who gave low-quality screener responses affects test results. Respondents in Finland (n = 343) and Turkey (n = 342) completed an online questionnaire. The questionnaire began with a screener. Respondents who consumed category products

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An approach for clustering consumers by their top-box and top-choice responses

John Castura/ July 21, 2023/ Peer-reviewed Paper/ 0 comments

Cluster analysis is often used to group consumers based on their hedonic responses to products. We give a motivating example in which conventional cluster analyses converge on a solution where consumers do not agree on which products they like. We show why this occurs. We state a goal: to group together consumers who have a shared opinion of which products

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Screening as a tool to increase consumer data quality

John Castura/ October 3, 2022/ Poster/ 0 comments

We developed and tested a strategy to improve data quality in consumer tests by dropping consumers based on their screener responses. A key question was whether test outcomes were improved enough to justify the extra effort of having this screening step. To do this investigation, we made an online test in which respondents answered a short screener followed by a

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Consumer testing to enable evidence-based business decision-making

John Castura/ June 30, 2019/ Workshop/ 0 comments

By some estimates more than 90% for new food and beverage products fail. In spite of the enormous costs associated with product failures, businesses continue to invest in new product development because the relatively few products that succeed provide business growth and profits. Consumer purchase and repurchase are essential to the success of new products. Consumers are decision makers: by

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