Temporal Data

Sara King/ July 10, 2012/ Tutorial/ 0 comments

Many sensory experiences have a temporal dimension, and several approaches have been proposed to capture changes in sensations
with time. The workshop will review a few of those methods, including Time intensity, Temporal Attribute Discrimination, Progressive Profiling, Sequential Profiling, Temporal Dominance of Sensations, and Temporal Order of Sensations.

Emphasis of the workshop will be on the nature of temporal data collected in such sensory tests. Data collection in Compusense at-hand software will illustrate the task that sensory panellists face when attempting to provide a response. The difficulties associated with cognitive load and multitasking will be discussed.

Findlay, C. J. & Castura, J. C.  (2012). Temporal Data. In 11th Sensometric Meeting , July 10, Rennes, France. (Tutorial)

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