Characterizing dynamic sensory properties of nonnutritive sweeteners with temporal check-all-that-apply (TCATA)

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Temporal check-all-that-apply (TCATA) is a novel rapid sensory method that involves checking and unchecking words to track changes in the sample over time, such that at any given moment the words that are checked completely describe the sample. The use of multiple attributes in TCATA allows for tracking of side-tastes that are not the most intense/dominant sensation, potentially making it a useful technique to study the differing temporal profiles of non-nutritive sweeteners. Accordingly, the objective of this study was to characterize dynamic properties of non-nutritive sweeteners using TCATA. In two experiments, 10 non-nutritive sweeteners were tested in water at concentrations that have been shown previously to elicit weak to moderate sweetness intensity ratings on a general labeled magnitude scale (gLMS). Prior to testing, participants (n = ~120 per experiment) were familiarized with the TCATA protocol by following a guided example using imaginary samples of Kool Aid. Participants then received 10 mL aliquots of each sweetener solution in medicine cups and were instructed to click “start” once he or she finished swallowing the sample. Each evaluation consisted of six attributes from the literature (sweet, bitter, metallic, licorice, cooling, and drying) and lasted for 60 seconds. Results from our studies found that sweeteners with unfamiliar side-tastes, such as NHDC and thaumatin, showed a “smearing bias,” wherein some participants checked every attribute in an attempt to characterize those unfamiliar side-tastes. Smearing bias can be seen as the opposite of a dumping bias and can occur when too many response options are provided to participants (e.g., Bennett and Hayes, 2012). Further studies are needed to investigate this smearing phenomenon.

Reyes, M., Castura, J. C., & Hayes, J. E. (2016). Characterizing dynamic sensory properties of nonnutritive sweeteners with temporal check-all-that-apply (TCATA). Society of Sensory Professionals 2016 Conference. 26-28 October. Atlanta, GA, USA.

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