Principal component analysis of sensory panel results for a reference and multiple prototypes

John Castura/ October 16, 2023/ Conference Proceedings/ 0 comments

A panel of trained sensory assessors often evaluates samples by quantifying the intensities of sensory attributes. In some cases, samples are instances of in-market or prototype products. To explore results from the panel, it is conventional to obtain a products-by-attributes table of means, center and variance-standardize its columns, then conduct principal component analysis (PCA). The principal components that extract variance

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A bitter pill to swallow? Inter-individual variation in sensitivity to tastants and implications for alcohol consumption

John Castura/ April 30, 2019/ Conference Proceedings/ 0 comments

Consumption of alcohol is widespread throughout much of the world, impacting human health and well-being in several ways. Taste (bitterness, sourness, saltiness, sweetness, umami, and oleogustus) is an important driver of consumer preference and intake for many foods and beverages. Here, we report on two studies; the first (S1) assesses general sensitivity (responsiveness) to taste and somatosensory stimuli and its

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