White wines of the Niagara region

Sara King/ September 26, 2004/ Poster/ 0 comments

The region of the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario Canada, has developed into a significant producer of varietal wines. New world winemakers are caught between the desire to produce imitations of the original examples of the varietal products and wines that express their distinctive terroir. The popularity of white wines, particularly Chardonnay, has led to its production in most of the

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Optimizing the proficiency of wine panels trained using feedback calibration

Sara King/ July 28, 2004/ Oral Presentation/ 0 comments

The performance of descriptive panels is typically determined by post-hoc data analysis. Poor panel performance is determined after the fact and arrives too late to help the panel leader in training. The Feedback Calibration Method (FCM®) is an effective method for training descriptive panellists. FCM optimizes proficiency by ensuring efficient panel training.

Development of a wine style guided by consumer research

Sara King/ July 25, 2004/ Oral Presentation/ 0 comments

In an era of global market competition, wine companies realize the need to understand better consumer preferences and respond to their needs effectively. At the 11th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference Terry Lee presented a paper (Lesschaeve et al. 2002) on the use of preference mapping to define successfully the sensory preferences of wine consumers. The current study proposes a

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Optimizing descriptive analysis

Sara King/ July 12, 2004/ Oral Presentation/ 0 comments

Descriptive sensory analysis is one of the most powerful tools available to the sensory scientist. Regardless of the individual approach to descriptive analysis there are the common steps of identifying the attributes that describe the product, bringing a panel to agreement on the descriptors that are used, establishing a working scale that captures the range of intensities and practicing the

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