Application of TCATA to examine variation in beer perception due to thermal taste status

John Castura/ April 15, 2019/ Peer-reviewed Paper/ 0 comments

Thermal taste status (TTS) describes a phenotype whereby some individuals experience a thermally-induced taste on thermal stimulation of the tongue (thermal tasters; TTs) and some do not (thermal non-tasters; TnTs). TTs experience a range of orosensations elicited by aqueous solutions and some beverages more intensely than TnTs. Whether this extends throughout ingestion duration is unknown, despite the fact that the

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Effect of carbonation level on the perception of sparkling wine

John Castura/ September 28, 2018/ Symposium/ 0 comments

The relationship between instrumental and sensory measurements were investigated in 11 wines varying in their carbonation level. Although sourness intensities of the wines were not significantly different, increased carbonation concentration affected the dynamics of sourness perception. Both the onset and extinction of the sourness perception were delayed with increased carbonation. Amongst potential explanations are that dynamic effects of carbonation draw

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