Sensory booths and colored lights… fact or fiction?

Sara King/ July 16, 2016/ Oral Presentation/ 0 comments

The world of consumer and sensory research and evaluation is full of a lot of significant academic and business centric research.  The goal of this curated symposium is to present IFT members with a dialog between experts on the real truths behind practices that both practitioners and recipients of results might feel are commonly agreed upon approaches.  Sensory booths and lighting of those booths (like red lighting) is one of those areas that non-practitioners believe is an essential part of the testing protocol.  The sensory division has selected a number of practicing professionals to discuss this area and provide understanding to both the division membership and the greater food product design community on the status of this area of interest.

Findlay, C. J. (2016). Sensory booths and colored lights… fact or fiction? In: Sensory Myth Busters: A Curated Symposium Sponsored by the Sensory & Consumer Sciences Division of IFT. In: IFT 2016 Annual Meeting and Food Expo. 16-19 July. Chicago, IL, USA.


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