Recent advances in sensory science

Sara King/ February 23, 2016/ Oral Presentation/ 0 comments

During the last decade there have been a number of areas in Sensory Science that have benefited from research into new methods, statistics, physiology and genetics. This has resulted in significant research activities and eventual commercialization of these advances.

There are three topics that will be covered in this presentation:

Increased discrimination test power using the Tetrad. Neither the Triangle and Tetrad test methods required the nature of the difference to be stated, but the Tetrad test requires dramatically fewer assessors to achieve the same statistical power. The Tetrad test is appropriate for situations that permit the evaluation of 4 samples.

Findlay, C. J. (2016). Recent advances in sensory science. In: Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology 2016 National Conference. 23 February. Burnaby, BC, Canada.


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