Identifying temporal sensory drivers of liking of biscuit supplemented with brewer’s spent grain

John Castura/ October 3, 2022/ Poster/ 0 comments

Brewer’s spent grain (BSG), a by-product of the brewing industry, has great potential as a valuable food additive. BSG is particularly rich in protein and fibre content which makes it an ideal nutritional fortifier for biscuits. However, adding BSG in biscuits can lead changes in sensory perception and consumer acceptance. This study explores the temporal sensory profiles and drivers/inhibitors of liking in BSG-enriched biscuits. For that purpose, a new way of analysing temporal data is proposed. Six biscuit formulations were obtained from a 2×3 factorial design with factors baking powder (with/without) and three levels of oat flake particle size. Consumers (n=104) tasted samples, described dynamic sensory perception using Temporal Check-All-That-Apply (TCATA) method, and rated liking on the Labelled Affect Magnitude (LAM) scale.

The Clustering around Latent Variables approach was used to group consumers into two clusters based on their liking ratings. The temporal sensory profiles and drivers/inhibitors of liking were investigated within each cluster. Foamy, Easy-to-swallow were sensory drivers of liking for both clusters, but they were driving liking at slightly different stages of the eating process. While Dense, Hard-to-swallow were inhibitors of liking for cluster 1 (n=36), Chewy, Hard-to-swallow, Hard were for cluster 2 (n=34). Results from the biscuit sensory profiles are in line with combined results obtained from multiple factor analysis on area-under-curve (AUC) data. These findings give evidence that enriching biscuits with BSG changes their sensory profiles but not in a way that adversely affects consumer liking. However, further study is needed to determine whether various aspects such as individual differences, information on label influence on consumer behaviour and sees if consumers find a BSG-enriched biscuit offering to be compelling against standard flour biscuits that are not as nutritious or sustainable.

Nygen, Q.C., Castura, J.C., & Varela, P. (2022). Identifying temporal sensory drivers of liking of biscuit supplemented with brewer’s spent grain. 12th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, 13-16 September. Turku, Finland. (Poster).


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