Dual vs. single attribute time-intensity: what can multitasking do for you?

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Dual-attribute time-intensity is a new technique for evaluating the perception of two sensory attributes simultaneously. In this research, the sensitivity of dual-attribute time intensity was assessed in comparison to the single-attribute time intensity test for the evaluation for sweetness and peppermint flavor. Ten trained time-intensity panellists evaluated the peppermint flavored chewing gum samples varying in the intensity of release of sweetness and peppermint flavor.
Testing of the samples was counter balanced so that half of the panellists completed the single-attribute test first while the other half of the panellists completed the dual-attribute test first. For the single-attribute test, the panellists input sweetness perception on a vertically oriented time-intensity line, while peppermint perception was input on a horizontally oriented line using Computerized Sensory Analysis software (CSA; Compusense Inc.).
For the dual-attribute time-intensity test, the CSA program was modified to include the presentation of both a horizontal and a vertical time-intensity scale on the same screen. The panellists were trained to direct the movement of the mouse in two directions simultaneously to represent their perceptions of the two attributes. Comparison of the data collected by both the single- and the dual-attribute time-intensity tests indicated that the dual-attribute test was as sensitive as the single-attribute test.

Duizer, L.M., Bloom, K., & Findlay, C.J. (1995). Dual vs. single attribute time-intensity: what can multitasking do for you? In 2nd Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium. July 30-August 3. Davis, CA, USA. (Poster).

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