Dual attribute time intensity sensory evaluation: a new method for temporal measurements of sensory perceptions

Sara King/ July 15, 1997/ Peer-reviewed Paper/ 0 comments

Dual-attribute time-intensity was evaluated as a method for the collection of the perception of two attributes simultaneously. Perceptions of sweetness and peppermint flavour within chewing gum were measured by 10 trained time-intensity panellists using both single-attribute and dual-attribute time-intensity evaluation.

In general, dual-attribute time-intensity was as sensitive as single-attribute testing in distinguishing between the sweetness and peppermint perceptions of chewing gum. In comparison to the single-attribute test, the dual-attribute test required half the time to complete and provided a means of assessing complex taste interaction during mastication. The dual-attribute test can be used to study relationships between two attributes within food products which possess a large degree of sample variability, such as the tenderness and juiciness of meat.


Duizer, L. M., Bloom, K., & Findlay, C. J. (1997). Dual-attribute time-intensity sensory evaluation: A new method for temporal measurement of sensory perceptions. Food Quality and Preference, 8(4) 261-269. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0950-3293(96)00052-3


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