Does data collection device affect sensory descriptive analysis results?

Sara King/ May 16, 2016/ Peer-reviewed Paper/ 0 comments

The objective of this study was to determine if data capture device type had a significant influence on sensory descriptive analysis results. 12 trained assessors evaluated 4 snack bar products in triplicate on each of three devices (iPod, iPad, external monitor). Four-way univariate analysis of variance detected no significant product by device interaction in 19 of 20 attributes. Products were ranked in a similar manner with regards to attribute intensity on all devices. Both Principal Component Analysis and Generalized Procrustes Analysis multivariate configurations showed very similar arrangements for all products and devices. The input device is identified as a potential factor in the trend toward lower absolute scale values with increasing screen sizes.

Practical ApplicationsThe computerized devices that are available for sensory data collection have changed over the years. Research facilities often compare historical data to newly obtained data sets; however, the question remains: can data be compared when different data collection devices were used? This study determined that descriptive analysis test results are comparable if data are collected on an iPod, an iPad and a laptop with a monitor display.

Fisher, C. M., King, S. K., Castura, J. C., & Findlay, C. J. (2016). Does data collection device affect sensory descriptive analysis results? Journal of Sensory Studies, 31, 275–282.

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