Consumer perceptions of beer: The role of individual differences

John Castura/ June 3, 2019/ Oral Presentation/ 0 comments

Taste plays a key role in a consumer’s attitude towards food products and can influence the consumption of that product. One factor, thermal taster status, is determined when the tongue is warmed or cooled, whereby thermal tasters experience phantom taste sensations, while thermal non-tasters do not. Using temporal-check-all-that-apply sensory methodology, we simultaneously investigated the impact of thermal taster status and serving temperature on the perception of beer.

Thibodeau, M., Mitchell, J., Castura, J.C., Pickering, H.M.G., Pickering, G. (2019). Consumer perceptions of beer: The role of individual differences. 2019 Canadian Food Summit. 22-24 May. Halifax, NS, Canada. (Oral presentation.)

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