Christopher J. Findlay, PhD, CFS

As the Chairman, founder and architect of Compusense, Chris provides a lifetime worth of skill and experience in the sensory and consumer science field. Founding Compusense in 1986, Chris has been an active participant and promoter to the growth of the sensory and consumer science community.  From the beginning, he has been committed to “good science” and has always been reluctant to support dubious sensory methods. In the early days of temporal research, Chris and his colleagues pioneered dual-attribute time intensity and also developed the Feedback Calibration Method for training proficient descriptive analysis panelists—a method that continues to save clients valuable time and budget.

As the company continued to rapidly grow, Chris began to teach Sensory Evaluation at the University of Guelph in the Department of Food Science. During this time, his students would complete their labs at Compusense and gain real-world experience working in a sensory lab.  Chris continues to hold Graduate Faculty appointments in both Food Science and Maths and Statistics.

While teaching, and to this day, Chris remains active and committed to the organizations in the sensory and consumer science field. In 2011 he received the Inaugural Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement award from IFT in recognition of his commitment. He is also active in ASTM E-18 and was a founder of the Society of Sensory Professionals. In 2008, Chris had the honour of chairing the 9th Sensometrics Meeting at Brock University and was also one of chairs for the 9th Pangborn Meeting held in Toronto in 2011.

Chris enjoys the ability to conduct independent research with talented and generous collaborators from around the globe, continuing to contribute to the ever-expanding community of sensory and consumer science.