Feedback calibration: a training method for descriptive panels

Sara King/ July 21, 2003/ Oral Presentation/ 0 comments

Descriptive analysis is one of the most powerful tools available to sensory scientists. However, regardless of the approach being used to analyze the sensory attributes of products, descriptive panels require significant training before the panel members, individually, and the panels collectively, become a reliable sensory instrument. There is great panel-to-panel variability and the training style of panel leaders can have

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Suspending continual feedback and its effect on panel performance

Sara King/ July 21, 2003/ Poster/ 0 comments

Descriptive analysis is the most refined method for determining sensory information about the shelf life of products, the manufacturing processes used by competitors, and the attributes that drive consumer preference. The quality of the sensory profile depends largely on the extent to which the sensory panel – the analytical instrument of descriptive analysis – is trained. Calibrating descriptive sensory panels

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